Women were made by men's rib,near arms to be protected,near heart to be loved.


                   If u requited ingratitude with kindness,how u requited kindness?
                                                                                                                writen by Yiyi Liu
         Everything,every relationship or every business in this world based on fairness.A fair referee; a fair deal; a fair fight…Nobody can stand for the unfair treatment,that’s why we had so many revolutions in history,People are not stupid,they requited their employer’s unfairness with insurrection. Yet somebody i know was perplexed by this rawdeal.Not from his boss,but from his family.

     Family,as the word suggests:"Father And Mother I Love You".Does this also means parents should love their kids at the same time? Some people say parents give us life,we should take care of them anyway.U agree with that?Let’s see an example.Once upon a time,there’s an irritable father and a selfish mother,they complain and upset about each other all their life,the father wandered far afield in foreign lands because his family didnt accept his wife,his wife wasn’t appreciated him at all but the only thing she did is chasing everybody away from him.The father didnt take care of the kids because of his work,the mother using kids as an excuse to asking money.Kids starving;dont have clothes to wear;living in the poor neighborhood ;earning their own money to go to school;never get any supports from the parents;even never hear parents say "i love you"…It is ok,they call it "American way" to make kids self-dependence.But now ,the parents’re getting old,they actually ask the kids take care of them.They call it: "Chinese way". Oh god,you change from American to Chinese so quik!Does it sound like a big joke? Yes,We respect and suppose taking care of the parents who have a strong sense of duty,but not the ones who lacking in responsibility and left their kids on the street!

     I always believe a phrase which Confucius said:If u requited ingratitude with kindness,how u requited kindness? It’s true,if you treat enemies good,how you treat your freinds?If you’re nice to the people hurt u or ignore u,how about the people who really loves u or care about u? Trust me,u will lose your true love or freinds because of your unfair treatment.

      So people,be fair,not only for the deals,but also for the people arround u.To be cognizant who is the person deserves your love and help.


                       The most important things for a marrige

                                                                          written by YiyiLiu

First: LOVE,
             This is the basic thing between a couple,a marrige without love is just in name only .Looking back all the sad marriges which based on money or politics in history, they all end with pain,bar none.But love is not only kisses,flowers or mushy words. what we talk about here is–What is love?  Does love means to change the person or just accept the way he or she is ?For example,we all know a movie called"My Fair Lady"-A low class girl speak coarse language was changed by a professor from high society.At last the professor fall in love with her not because of her princess-like accent,but her real  unique qualities.And I bet you will never forget "the riff-raff Jack" from the movie "Titanic",but you have to admit the way he talk with people from high social standing was so charming and confidence,even he has no penny in his pocket.This true personality attract Rose,and she accept the way he originally is.So people,except romantic,love is also understanding and accepting.If you wanna change the person into ur way,well then ,you dont really love them.The one you love,is yourself.


                                                                                                     Words from Tina’s space

Happiness is rooted in some combination of the most basic desires for a good life
that nearly every indicidual holds:
to love and be loved;
to successfully raise a family;
to share amply quality time with friends and loved ones;
to be enjoyable engaged in a paniful pursuit one that fully employs and continuously expands one’s skills,
has purpose;
earns fair recognition and provides rewards that are economically or/and emotionally satisfying;
and to be a valued and respected member of one’s community and society



9 responses

  1. tingting

    相当 有文采了,逻辑和语言能力 相当令人赞赏了, 要是八级作文,说啥得给满分,
    第一段就陈述观点,第二段举例子,第三段 引用名言, 第四段呼应号召,简直了啊  

    2007年08月15日 @ 6:20 上午

  2.  我看不懂,

    2007年08月15日 @ 11:45 上午

  3. Kevin


    2007年08月18日 @ 10:52 上午

  4. XueQi

    很久不见! 来看看你! 

    2007年08月24日 @ 3:51 下午

  5. Nick

    This only the truth… and nothing more… But you have got first to totaly love urself in order to sincerely love someone else… BUT is our habit to change someone a deep undernith desire to change ourselve thru them?

    2007年10月22日 @ 8:49 上午

  6. jun


    2007年11月12日 @ 9:10 下午

  7. 靖然


    2007年11月18日 @ 9:48 上午

  8. bo


    2007年11月18日 @ 8:05 下午

  9. Unknown


    2007年11月19日 @ 6:37 上午


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