Women were made by men's rib,near arms to be protected,near heart to be loved.

留给最爱的情书–P.S. I love you

看到Lulu blog上面细腻的文字 体会到了她那香艳的青春 看到不知名的帅哥给他那华丽的情书 心里真的是羡慕不已。从而想到我爱着的 每天想念着的人 , 不知道我在他的心中是不是也是这样的美好呢? 


The kind of girl I would like is as simple as this,
    a girl that I can love, adore, hug, and kiss,
    a girl that has a smile thats unique to me,
    and for the rest of time I can keep happy,

   A girl that wants to be called beautiful instead of hot,
   one that loves me for "me" and not for what I got,
   one that doesn’t want to know about my life one bit,
   but wants to live it, and be a part of it,
   A girl that I can hold in my arms,
   keeping her warm and out of harm,
   one I can apologize to when I do something wrong,
   and wait for forgiveness, no matter how long,
   A girl I can point to and say "thats my girl",
   one that can smile and make my mind swirl,
   a girl that I can keep company when she feels lonely,
   and understands that if she needs anyone, theres me,
   A girl that I can continue to adore,
   and love with three words and even more,
   one that seems to make my life much better,
   and a girl I can love and adore forever and ever…

吃鳗鱼饭煲电话粥都超级开心的YiYi ….                                            只是我可以问你一句:Am I the one ? forever and ever..
       看了<P.S. I love you>, 很好的电影也很感人。也许那个人不能陪伴在她身傍经历这一切。但是爱情却可以这样的强烈。电影中浪漫的情书和简单的对白都让我们而感动
        :We’r so arrogant ,aren’t we ? We are so afraid of age ,we do everything we can to prevent it.we dont realize what a privilege it is to grow old with someone ..someone who doesn’t drive you to commit murder.Or doesn’t humiliate you beyond repair.It’s sweet….. 
She’s always on my mind
From the time I wake up till
I close my eyes
She’s everywhere I go
She’s all I know

And though she’s far away
It just keeps getting stronger
My friends keep tellin’ me
That if you really love her
You’ve gotta set her free
And if she returns in time
I know she’s mine

P.S.   I love you

2 responses

  1. ℡踩烂苹果

    (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

    2008年07月27日 @ 7:44 上午

  2. Andy

    dats a very nice movie~ i like it alot

    2009年04月12日 @ 12:32 上午


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