Women were made by men's rib,near arms to be protected,near heart to be loved.

Pretty boys and girls

From Drop Box


"YiYi I love you soso much" I recieve this note from the girls

The whole story is this …
Since my auntie and her husband went to qingdao for 4 days,
I was the one who in charge of taking care of the girls.
Yes,me,a 24 years old girl with no brothers and sisters or babysitting experience,will taking care a 3 years and 5 years old girl,Miya and Elise..
Sounds scary right.I slept with them at 8pm everyday,(that’s amazing ,I havent slept so early after I finish the primary school.)
and change the diapers for Miya everynight,take them to bath,and keep eye on them all the time…

The first day is a disaster…Because of the jetlag they woke up at 4am and force me to play "teaching games"..
And for the whole day they r so energic..So I only slept for 2 hours that day…ohhh lala..

But after spending the whole week with my little cousins,I found out taking care kids in fact not too bad..They will make you laugh a lot,and keep u young..
I dressed them up and play with them,listen to their singing,playing games with them,watching them arguing… I had so much fun!
And when you hear them saying "YIYI I love you " ,u feel u r the most happiest person in the world!
CiCi and MiMi ~ I love you sososo much too!!!


From Drop Box

Finally I meet my aunty Lily again 10 years later.Ten years ago i lived with her in BeiJing for a month,and that time is one of the most memorable childhood experience in my life.(She bully me a lot ,use lipstick draw on my face and tell me her true ghost story..But I love her so much ..she took me to movie,ate icecream,sang songs together…I cried so hard when I left..)And now I meet her again..and also her husband David ,and two lovely girls :Cici and Mimi… 5 years old and 3 years old angel.. They are the most beautiful girls I know…. And obviously they know it too, so they just keep taking pictures of themself ..haha  When I hold them , I wish myself had daughters like them..


From Drop Box

Its always fun and enjoy to hanging out with Joe’s family : Felicia,Tracy and sweet boy Elkan! Felicia is the woman that I even wish she can be MY WIFE.haha She is so responseble and caring others ,so feminin but strong inside, one of the most adorable woman I know.Tracy is a very cool girl with cool point of view ,and some of them will shock you .and you never know who she really is : a guai guai working office girl or a rock and roll hot chick… And Elkan.. Be honest ,he is my favourite boy… He got the lively personality from his dad. sweet,smart ,ok and vain.. I already can see that he will be a womanizer later.. He even got my heart.. Oh btw,Joe got a good voice! And singing with affection..I havent been so happy like today for a long time..

From Drop Box

Oooopps !!!! That fireman got really cute smile…..See Elkan hold me so tight ahh…


One response

  1. Big

    Haaa.. Yiyi.. thanks for all your lovely notes! How’s CNY up north? Cold? Need a warm hug from your favourite boys down south?Mm.. I dun mind a pretty daughter-in-law like you.. (very cheeky again!)

    2009年01月30日 @ 4:25 上午


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