Women were made by men's rib,near arms to be protected,near heart to be loved.

Winter 2009 Dalian –East,West,Home is the best.

Scarlett’s Night



Before i go to beijing,freinds hold a small party for me in Dalian Intercontinental Hotel, they called it "Scarlett’s night "..sounds werid though..I will just leave for five days…anyway the buffet is good..


Get-TOGETHER of the University classmates

Times really goes fast,we have been graduated for one n half years,todays get-together really means a lot to us,we still like a big family, well some of us found job some didnt, some do well and some dont,some went abroad,US or UK, some get married and pregnant twins~ wow big news ah! in such a short time we can change so much..man..luckily, the freindship is still there..damn.. after graduated one and half years im still a job-waiting person~ hahaha .. need to move on quickly la~


My lovely and amusing Mommy

My mum is a very interesting person who got so much energy and vitality,we just like freinds and tell each other everything.(incl sex) she does taiji three times a week,go dating once a week,and go to the bars at least once a week…plus she loves dancing a lot..everytime we go to the bars the singers all love her because her dancing is better then mine,so today after the karaoke with nina,she forces me to go to bars with her..my god..She is such a lively person..I think she just enjoy the young men pick her up..and in fact there are really lots of people talking to her, ummm….or they just wanna through her to know me…ahhh!!! I dont know la..anyway,she is the most lovely and cool mum in the world!! cant imagine the life without her..


Horsejockey Yiyi



Riding horse is not a difficult thing.you just need to be brave and dont be afraid ,in fact its only my second time riding a horse,
but its my first time let the horse went at full career.its really neat!Horse is really controllable animal ,seems they can understand
human’s language ~

They always say snow sports is the white opium,its true.I was sooo addicted to it after the first night skiing.that night i hire a
coach teach me ski on elementary piste,but i just cant had it enough!haha so the next day I went there with tina and herbf,again, i went
up to the intermediate piste ,with a little bit nervous,and falling over twice ..finally i made it! Then the real challenge comes.with my
overfull confidence,I went up to the senior piste.. it is on the top of the montain…ohhh..scary.and the piste is Steeply sloped,as a roof.
Finally I took heart of grace ,start sliding down the slope..At the beginning its not too bad,i can still control the speed.But as the piste
incline more and more,the speed is getting faster and faster..then i lost control and tumbled down the hill for at least 6 metres…damn..
when i stand up there is snow all over..in my ear,in my pants and my pocket..damn.and the worst thing is I cant move anymore,I was stuck
in the middle of the montain..hahaha so embarassing .I still need a coach for senior piste haha…
House Party

Today we got a house party held by a hockey coach.. Not only the coach but he is also the cook for tonight,look at all these cusine,
all made by himself prepared for 2 days .His pizza taste better then Pizza hut ~haha I heard from his wife that cooking is his hobby,
so he cook everyday for his wife and daughter.. Isnt it sweet?sometimes I wish my future husband is like that. haha
There r more than 20 people present the party ,we got goverment officer,gold mine owner,virtuoso,painter,writer of the China Daily,
animal trainer,hockey player,korean restaurant owner,and TV host…comes from so many different industry. So the topic is so exciting and fresh.
But the most popular guest is a "Golden Retriever" named "shasha" .She is one of the most famouse Guide Dog in China,which attend the 2008
 Paralympics opening ceremony.To me she look more like a blond beauty..smart,sweet,and docile.

From Drop Box

From Drop Box



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