Women were made by men's rib,near arms to be protected,near heart to be loved.

“N” nights in BeiJing ,我留下许多情~~


 One Night in 北京  我留下许多情 
One Night in 北京  我留下许多情
不想再问你 你到底在何方
不想再思量 你能否归来嘛
想着你的心 想着你的脸
想捧在胸口 能不放就不放




Since I know a freind who’s a real states developer in Beijing , he offered me a sample room of his property to stay .u can see the property  in the pics,it called " na ga 上院 " . The best part of this property was the location –东直门(dong zhi men )  that’s why the price is so up there .It cost 50000 RMB per squaremetres .and the minimal size is 300 squarmetres.wow.. SO expensive,!!!  BUt still there are lots of local  people bought it .and some stars like Jacky chan and Daniel wu .. ect.. It suprise me during Global economy crisis there r still so many rich people in Beijing can afford such luxurious thing.. Man …Beijingnese got money.. There is a phrase –Never compare wealth ,relative social nor official position in Beijing..Which now I know its exactly true …oh and Never offend anyone in Beijing , no matter they r on the street or wear cheap. cos they might be somebody..hahaha   really man…. I been to shanghai , lived in HK.. .. Now i am thinking how shallow those people are..  they just try too hard to impress people by their watches or fancy things .. But Beijing got all the  money….

Anyway.It is very very comfortable to live there. although i am not a material girl.. but i still want to own something like that one day ~ haha ~



Dear Marianne ~~~ So happy to see you again…

Really, we got so many in common.. Its always happy to chat with u..what about be my girlfreind from now on ? think about it~眨眼

Yes I met Marianne in Beijing, in her boyfreinds Italian restaurant..  his name is Piero. A leo italian guy..ummm you might think ,how flirtatious this guy would be.. But tell u the truth ,he is sooooo nice and sunshine ,and the most important is he is good to Marianne.. oh plus treat me a very good dinner..haha  

The food is good ,the restaurant is good and the people is good.. Marianne and I started lots of interesting topic..ahh yeah just being gossip….finally we feed up like two pigs… errrr…


3 responses

  1. yiyi

    我们是北方的狼族!!! 哇哈哈哈哈哈

    2009年03月10日 @ 5:03 下午

  2. River

    cute records,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hope to copy to MX space.ok?for our guys sharing.

    2009年03月11日 @ 4:55 上午


    l’m so happy to see you again and so good to chat with you, thanks my dear belle YiYi. 🙂

    2009年03月11日 @ 11:36 上午


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