Women were made by men's rib,near arms to be protected,near heart to be loved.

Spring 2009-Dalian,Zhuhai and HK

Zhuhai with Joe(pics from Joe’s blog)
So happy that Joe is visiting me in Zhuhai,I was so damn bored here and I do need a good laugh with him!!I took him to the oil massage place and my favourite Shanghai reastaurant. but what i enjoy the most is the conversation with him.. humorous with wisdom ,this man should go and to be an actor…

TanZhou ZhongShan–photographer Yiyi

I think I really got talent in photography..I can use my little shitty panisonic taking such beautiful pictures..haha (not really shitty la just tiny and not professional) Anyway i went to Tanzhou with my freinds to eat dinner ,its a small town in Zhongshan(where sun zhongshan was born) everything is fresh here,everything is natural here.. the food is simple but still ok,the most beautiful is the view..a lot of water and green …makes u feel u get closer to nature..


The singer is back!!!

So Happy to see Joe’s family again! OMG Joe can sing jay’s song very well!~and they do have sth in common as well ,talented in art and passional..

well the most exciting thing is I got a kiss from Elkan!~~ hahaha i am the luckiest girl in the whole world now..

Wif Jane in CB

CausewayBay ~~~CausewayBay
My favourite place of whole HK~!!!!I dont know if you ever watched any commercial of HK tourism before.It always tell u to go to causewaybay or mongkok,cos these are the best place of shopping and eating …SOGO,Timesquare,Worldtrade center and Vitoria park..So as we were taught,Jane and I spend 8 hours to shop and to eat..Its a great day .Both of us bought many clothes, shoes,cosmetics…But dont worry about us, the price here is very reasonable,and we dont buy brands..
This is why i love Jane so much ,she is so feminine and pretty,got artistic taste and stylish,and the most important thing is she never buy brands but can still look so good in cheap clothes..and inside,she is such a sweet and nice person.Err…I just love her..Maybe she makes me turn to be a les…Do we look good together? haha ..

Central & Sheungwan

I never like Central and Sheungwan before..I always think its a lousy place with stessful working people and boring British pubs.But now when i get close to it, I found the deep charm of it..It suprise me that among all those tall cold skyscrapers, u can find something so traditional, so HK..Local people selling fruits and flowers on the street,little cool fashion shops,Antique Store,and unique restaurants which taste so good and popular.
I heard Central and Sheungwan is the oldest area of hk history,that’s why it can be so morden but so HK at the same time..and also i heard there r lots of ghost around this area..dont know about that haha..But the only suggestion for u to visit central is to wear sports shoes,cos the road is really really tipsy,it will kill ur feet if u climb up and down with high heels…

April ZhuHai



DaLian Lohas book bar


学胜哥哥的乐活书吧,在大连超级有名的哦。LOHAS– lifestyles of health and sustainability…好久没看到这么多书了,感觉的到书吧里面的春意盎然,鸟语花香哦 。。


Labour Park of DaLian


Spring is coming to Dalian!!!! Finally the cold winter’s gone………. I took a walk with my mum in Dalian Labour Park, the flowers are all start to blossom.. well i missed the chance to go to Japan. So seeing Sakura blossom in Dalian is really not bad, plus we got peacock here ,,hahaha ..

HK Rugby 7



HK.. I have been left for 2 month,how is everything going? well,the taste of the food is still the same..

 walking by Causeway bay and Mongkok,It bring up so many memory of the years before ..the last years new year,last year’s lamguifang,last years rugby 7,and last year’s freinds…everything seems to be the same, but only I changed..

When i back visiting hk again ,i realise how much i loved her,I almost love everything about her,even the crowded road and humid weather…The mean 咸湿佬”(ham,sek,lou) and the arrogant attitude…haha you must think i am crazy…but yes i am crazy about HK…The food the shoping and the efficient… wherelse can find a place like this….

Hk,you will always be my No.1 love among all the cities~ give u a hug…and hope to see ya soon



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